Can I Pay Myself?: A How-To Budgeting Guide For Mompreneurs!


“…budgeting is the beginning of financial success.”

This How-To Budgeting Guide will lead the mompreneur through the most efficient budget creation process that results in a beautiful and informative personal and business-based budget. So, get out your colored highlighters, and we will find out if you can pay yourself.


“Can I pay myself?”

This is the question that keeps mompreneurs up at night. If that’s YOU, this book is going to teach you how to create the one statement that will answer your money questions – a budget.

In this book, you will learn how to provide your family with the exact amount of money that your new business needs to pay you to thrive. 

You will achieve this by understanding and utilizing the spending history that is already recorded for you and turning it into meaningful data that tells your financial story. 

Then, you will learn how to create a home-based business budget, and finally, determine how much you can pay yourself.


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