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Learn how to navigate your QuickBooks Online account starting today. With our no-nonsense QBO Foundations Course, we will show you how to bring your account to life, learn the fundamental transactions in your small business, and how to enter them.

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“If you’re taking a DIY approach to QBO and you’re feeling overwhelmed, this course is for you!”

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"Jeremy has given us great peace of mind financially throughout our pre-qualification journey and we couldn’t have done it without him. We are ever grateful for the investment Jeremy has made in our financial wellness and ultimately in our family."
Chelsea Lybeck
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"The level of care that Barklee provides for our firm and clients is second to none. Jeremy and his team always complete their work on time and to the highest standard. He has become a trusted advisor that we can reach out to when our clients have special needs."
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About the Author

Jeremy Knight, DVM is a double graduate of Oklahoma State University where he earned his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and then began his education in accounting and finance. 

Dr. Knight furthered his accounting and financial education at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where his firm operates as a Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Investment Advisor for many small businesses and individuals. His current focus is primarily on small-business financial plans and tax strategies. Also, Dr. Knight pours his financial knowledge and practicality into his community as a Financial

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