Budgeting is the beginning of financial success.

Can I Pay Myself?:
A How-To Budgeting Guide For Mompreneurs!

This is the question that keeps mompreneurs up at night. If that’s YOU, this book is going to teach you how to create the one statement that will answer your money questions – a budget.

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"This book is so helpful for the mom who is trying to juggle motherhood and run a successful business."

In this book, you'll learn:

What People Are Saying

"Having just purchased this book, I have not read much further than the intro. However, I find the information logical and substantiated. Unlike many teaching books, the information is presented in language that is understandable for ordinary people."
Euince Filler
"Love this thoughtful and strategic approach to learning budgeting to becoming an entrepreneur of my own business"
"Great book. Jeremy is very knowledgeable. Lots of great information for this stay-at-home mom who's looking for more in life."
Audra Opperman

About the Author

Jeremy Knight, DVM is a double graduate of Oklahoma State University where he earned his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and then began his education in accounting and finance. 

Dr. Knight furthered his accounting and financial education at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where his firm operates as a Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Investment Advisor for many small businesses and individuals. His current focus is primarily on small-business financial plans and tax strategies. Also, Dr. Knight pours his financial knowledge and practicality into his community as a Financial Advisor. 

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Learn how to be financially independent and pay yourself.