The Owner’s Payroll and Compensation Calculation Worksheet


A Payroll Calculation Worksheet for the owner of the business.

How much do I pay myself?
How much do I have to submit to the IRS in payroll liabilities?
How much does my business have to pay in payroll taxes on the owner’s compensation?
If calculating payroll liabilities, employer taxes, and owner’s compensation were easy, we would all be doing it. Not ready to pay for an expensive payroll software like QuickBooks Online to pay yourself? Do not worry. We have taken out the guesswork for calculating the gross versus net pay for your owner’s compensation check with The Owner’s Payroll and Compensation Calculation Worksheet. This worksheet will allow you to put in your desired annual salary as the company owner, pick your desired pay schedule, and then tell you what amount to write the check for you and the IRS. It will even give you a journal entry to record the paycheck into QuickBooks Online.
Download this worksheet today, and it will plan out your owner’s payroll schedule for the rest of the year.
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