How to Enter Expenses using the QBO Mobile App

Use your phone to enter expenses in your QBO account

Time Saving “Revolution”

In recent years, businesses have been putting more emphasis on streamlining processes and making things more convenient. Part of the reason for this “revolution” is because technology is offering opportunities that create time, which can then be invested in oneself. The key is to figure out how to make the technology work for you. A way to do this is to find an accounting software that can help you with your daily transactions. With the QuickBooks Online mobile app, you can enter expenses anywhere!

The Primary Advantage of Using QuickBooks Online

Accounting software packages, like QuickBooks Online, have come a long way in the last five years. QuickBooks’ effective and efficient online accounting software bodes well for accountants and business owners who are looking for more freedom in where they work.

A More Convenient Way to Enter Expenses

You run a small business. As a jack of all trades, you are running business errands, incurring expenses, and paying for them as you go. At some point, you will need to record those transactions in your accounting system. Before heading back to the office, you stop for lunch. What a great time to enter your expenditures.

With the QuickBooks mobile app, you have that option. You can enter an invoice, record the payment (if necessary), and check accounts payable and cash balances before lunch is over. When you return to the office, you can now focus on more meaningful tasks like creating sales and growing the business.


How to Setup QuickBooks Online to Enter Expenses

Setting up QuickBooks Online for entering expenses is a lot easier than you might imagine. If you have experience with QuickBooks’ standard software package, you are already aware of how user-friendly the products care.

Expenses Tailored to Your Needs

When you do the QuickBooks Online setup tutorial, you will have opportunities to customize some of the processes and features. We recommend taking advantage of these opportunities, so the software matches your business’ workflow and processes.

After you have finished the tutorial and addressed the needs of your business, you will be ready to start entering your business expenses through your mobile app.


How to Enter Expenses with the Mobile App

The QuickBooks Online setup process, will cover how to enter expenses in your mobile app. It is as simple as taking a snapshot of your invoices or payment receipts.

Step by Step

You will need to start by opening your mobile app. At the bottom of the homepage, you will see a plus (+) sign. After you click that, you will tap on the Expense icon. This will open the “New Expense” screen.

From here, you will lay the paper invoice or sales receipt on a flat surface in a well-lit area. Next, you will click the camera icon and then the “Take Photo” link. Now, you will center your camera over the document until the paper fits within the picture box. You will be prompted by the software when everything is centered properly. Once you see GREAT on the screen, you can snap the picture. If you are not satisfied with the photo, you can retake the picture as needed.

You will see that QuickBooks Online has opened a “New Expense” screen with the small picture you took in the corner. Your new expense is in the system. At this point, you will be offered the option to bill it to another party, split it between different expense accounts, and make notes about the purchase. When you are satisfied with all you see, save it and move on to the automated synchronization process.

Note: If by chance you have a picture of the invoice or sales receipt from another source, you would need to click on “Choose Existing link” to use that picture.


The Automated Synchronization Process

As the term indicates, there is nothing left for you to do. The new expense has automatically been synchronized throughout the QuickBooks accounting software package. You will find that the expense or expenses have also been automatically synced with your desktop system. If you want to check, open the Expense Transactions screen, and the new transaction should appear. You will also have access to a link that will take you back to the original picture of the source document or documents.


Note for when you Enter Expenses

If you prefer, you always have the ability to simply enter the expense into the mobile app software without the picture. You learned more about that during the setting up QuickBooks Online tutorial.


Let Us Help

This is just one of the ways QuickBooks Online is using technology to make your accounting easier and more convenient. If you would like help and support regarding how to setup QuickBooks Online visit, QBO Services – The Barklee Institute.  We are happy to help make this software work for you.

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